Klay 'Em All: Klaymore's Metallica Tribute
- November 13, 2014

To close out 2014, we're releasing four cover songs in the form of a Metallica tribute EP that we're calling "Klay 'Em All." Though it is not available for download, it can be viewed for free on our YouTube channel. After playing a live version of Klay 'Em All in May, 2014, we decided to create some studio versions of the songs after many requests from our fans and friends. All of the songs are from the Kill 'Em All album, and if they become popular enough, we plan to release a bonus track or two. So if you like what you hear, be sure to help us spread the word! Special thanks to Bengt Alexsander for the assist with the album art. Klay 'Em All was released on November 13th, 2014.

 New Cover: Hell Bent For Leather
- July 14, 2014

Today, we released our first cover song in over a year. This time, we chose Judas Priest's Hell Bent for Leather in honor of Priest's new album being released. We've been playing this song live for over a year and have been a part of several Judas Priest tribute shows, so we thought it was about time we get a studio version nailed down.

Check it (and all our other covers) out on our YouTube channel, and share it with an old school metal loving friend!

 Justifiably Pissed: Released!
- May 29, 2014

After releasing one song a week for the last six weeks, the full Justifiably Pissed EP is now completely available to the public! Physical copies can be purchased or digital versions can be freely downloaded through our Bandcamp page, here.

The full EP can also be streamed on Youtube or right here on this site.


Get your copy at our merch store and get Pissed today!

 2014 Klaymore EP Announced: "Justifiably Pissed"
- April 10, 2014

The (hopefully) highly anticipated moment is here: the sneak preview of our upcoming 2014 EP. The title? "Justifiably Pissed." It's how our brand of music and songwriting has been described, so we've decided to run with it. So, here's a 30 second long clip of Dan tearing it up on one of the new songs. The whole EP is going to be mastered again by Nils Knecht in Frankfurt, Germany, (he also mastered our "New Breed" EP and Gobi's Valley cover) and he will also be mixing a few songs on the JP EP as well. The "Justifiably Pissed" logo was done by our friend Talon Godin. Enjoy the sneak preview, and prepare for six brand new Klaymore songs!


APRIL 24th, we will begin releasing new music from Klaymore for our brand new EP, "Justifiably Pissed." There will be music videos, free downloads, a kickstarter fund to have physical CDs made as well as properly promote the new music, and possibly some special gifts for the people who share the videos. All of this will be worked out soon and we'll be posting full details on the website for everyone to see, but for right now APRIL 24th there will be new music from Klaymore. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

 New Guitarist in Action
- February 6, 2014

This week we have an exciting landmark to share: we now have in-concert footage of our brand new guitarist, Dan Sudano, playing on stage with us. Despite Dan having played less than half a dozen shows with us so far, he's blended into the band seamlessly already. In addition to his usual shredding, you can also hear him shout some backing vocals and sweep up like the janitor at the end of his solo. So, check out Dan playing a song from Klaymore's first album with us and getting to show off some of his soloing capabilities in our new video of Serpent.


 Metal Remix: Gobi's Valley
- January 23, 2014

As you might remember, a few months ago we received a response to an email we sent to Grant Kirkhope (composer for games such as Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and Perfect Dark). We had asked Grant if he would check out some of our material and VGM metal covers and asked if he would be okay with us covering one of his works. When he gave us the okay for it, we immediately got to work. This week we're happy to present our finished cover of “Gobi's Valley” from the game Banjo Kazooie. We will be sending the finished video to Grant soon and we will be posting his response for everyone to see when we get it. So, enjoy our Kirkhope-Approved, metal remix, and, as always, please share it with your metalhead, video-game-loving friends!




 It's a "Live"
- January 9, 2014

This week we're announcing your chance to see us live with our new guitarist, Dan. We'll be playing The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh on January 25th. More details can be found in the “Shows” section of our website. Until then, we've uploaded some more live footage of us from the past year for those of you that can't get out to Pittsburgh to see us play live. So, check us out on our "Video" page rocking the title track from our second album from back in April, “It's Alive!”


 Announcing Klaymore's New Guitarist: Dan Sudano
- January 2, 2014

Today came with big news from Klaymore: we've officially announced that we've gained a new guitar player, Dan Sudano. Dan has been playing shows with us for the last month and we know he's the right choice to make a permanent member of Klaymore. Because we don't have any live footage of him yet or any studio recordings completed for everyone to hear him on a new song, we put together this brief clip of him showing off some of his shredding talents that we hope you'll find even slightly humorous. Dan was also added to our official line up on our page on The Metal Archives, so it looks like his place in our history has been fully secured now by the public. So, go check out his shredding skills and get ready to hear him on our next CD!

 'More Live Footage
- December 12, 2013

After getting so many requests for a video of the song, we've finally put together some footage for it. We now have a live video for our homage to Iron Maiden, “11:58 PM.” Filmed at Club Diesel in Pittsburgh when we played there in August 2013.



This month we'll also be playing three shows at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, and we will be releasing another video game metal remix which you can check out on YouTube on the 26th.


 Living The Single Life
- November 28, 2013

Today we have a slightly surprising update: a new single from Klaymore! Our newest song, "Kissing Shadows," went live this week including a new music video to go with it. The song can be viewed on YouTube or from the "Video" page of our site. It can be downloaded from either the "Music" section of our site or from our Reverbnation page for FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Go check out or download, "Kissing Shadows."


Some other November updates include the live footage of our song "Out of Reach" that was uploaded for everyone to see who doesn't get to see us in concert. We'll also be playing an all-metal-beatdown at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh. For all info on our concert dates, check out our show schedule.


 Life's a Bitch and So Can You
- October 31, 2013

October had a lot going on for Klaymore. Most importantly, the band's birthday. It was on Halloween in 2007 that the original members of the band first got together to play music. We have a tradition of releasing something for everyone to hear on our birthday (2012 had Sector X while 2011 had two pre-releases from the “It's Alive” album). This year we're proud to put out what we like to think is our most interesting music video yet: “Life's a Bitch (But So Are You)” from our New Breed EP. This is also the last song that will be getting a music video from New Breed, so we thought we'd go out with a bang and save our favorite video for last. Watch us break stuff and throw down some metal in our new music video. And check out the “Video” section of our site for even more from us.


October also saw Klaymore playing live at The Mousetrap in Bulger, PA, as well as releasing two more video game metal remixes. You can check out Skullman from Megaman IV and Norfair from the original Metroid on our official YouTube channel.


 "Home" and on the Road
- September 19, 2013

This week gives us a more major production to announce. We've officially released a music video for our song, “Home” that appears on our New Breed EP. Complete with creepy florescent lighting, a dungeon-esque basement, and a box of explosives on the bass amp. This is the second out of three music videos that we are releasing for the songs from New Breed.


This month also saw the release of another Metal Entertainment System video game soundtrack remix in the form of “Mute City” from the Super Nintendo game, “F-Zero.” So, go check it out on our official YouTube channel.


This month also sees Klaymore playing out of our home state once again as we venture to Chester, WV to play at the Chrome Nite Club.


 Metal Bits
- August 31, 2013

First off, NEW BREED, our long awaited EP, was finally released after considerable delays. After being out for only five days, it has received more downloads (and purchases) than It's Alive did in its first two weeks of being released. Progress: we has it. Don't have a copy? Get yours at our Merch Store!

Found an unexpected blurb about New Breed on the internet the other day. Some kind words, but also mentions that none of our songs have a similar feel... We know. We decided to not write the same song half a dozen times like every other band does #sorrynotsorry. Still cool to stumble upon, and glad the EP is making its way to people we don't know -

"Most of this album feels like a mix of AX7 and classic heavy metal. Which in itself is nice but the songs lack a similar feeling. Which make this release feel just thrown together just to get another release out there. Even though the songs themself are good. A band to watch for in the future." - metalinkusteel.blogspot.com

Had a great time at the metal fest in Midvale, OH today. Thanks to Doc Rock for inviting us out and Moose Island for putting on the show. We've never played a place where management told us, "sorry we put you on so early in the day. We didn't know you were so good." First time for everything I suppose. Thanks to everyone who came out m/

 Whisper Words of Wisdom
- July 22, 2013 6:12 pm

Let It Breed tees!

We're excited to announce the arrival of our first shipment of Klaymore merchandise. Let It Breed t-shirts, black tees with the Klaymore logo, and New Breed stickers. Also, because of the insane amount of delays we've been confronted with for an EP that we expected to be out in May, we've decided to pre-release one track Thursday July 25th to tide all of you good people over. The cd should be ready for release in August - metal gods willing. Stay tuned!

 Hammer Time
- April 18, 2013 11:11 pm

Rocked the shit out of Howlers, Sean had a reunion with one of his previous bands, and we reached our goal for our Kickstarter campaign so that we can have CDs made for all of you lovely people. I'd call that a successful evening!

A huge thank you to all who have donated to our Kickstarter campaign to help get our upcoming EP, "New Breed", off the ground. However, our costs are still not completely covered. We still would greatly appreciate further donations so that we can pay for shipping the EP to everyone who preorded a copy (half a dozen of them are going overseas.) We were hoping to find 100 people with $10, instead we found far fewer far more generous people, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

Tonight we release our brand new music video and a brand new song: Hammer of the Gods. Check out the video, show it to your friends, and help us spread the word about our new song! If you have yet to, subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an update from us again! Once again, we are proud to present you with "Hammer of the Gods."

 New Breed - Kickstarter
- April 06, 2013 4:26 pm

After a year of offering two albums for free download to the public and seeing them spread across the internet, we have decided to make actual good looking, professional physical copies of our latest/future release. This of course costs actual money as opposed to doing things digitally where there is no physical product involved.

The EP is already recorded, this fund is simply to produce the physical copies of it. You don't have to worry about it getting delayed, put off, or the recording process needing finished. We're just waiting on our fans to give it that extra push out the door.

Check out our Kickstarter Project and get your copy of our next EP, New Breed now!

 Children of The Grave
- March 22, 2013 10:53 pm

It's been entirely too long since we last put something out for the public, so while we finish up our new EP, we put together another cover song for you all to listen to. This is our version of Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath.

We're also putting finishing touches on our latest music video which will be out before the new EP. Almost 5 months of silence has been way too long for us; we'll be doing our best in the future to never go that amount of time without having something new for everyone to listen to.

 The X's Winter Showcase
- March 12, 2013 12:00 am

Though we did not win the finals of The X's Winter Showcase, we're still proud of the fact that after only playing together as a group for 8 months that we were able to contend with people with years of experience, not to mention that we had a great time. It was great getting to meet some of the people from the X, getting to be on the radio, and to see our CD sitting on a desk in an office at the station from it being recently listened to. Congratulations to all the bands that performed in the finals, and we had a blast being there.

 We're in the finals!
- February 1, 2013 1:26 am

Klaymore rocked the hell out of the Hard Rock Cafe and worked our way into the X Winter Rock Showcase 7 finals! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, and we hope to see you all there on February 22nd for the finals to help us take home the grand prize!

See our Shows page for details.

Check out our photo gallery for new pics from the show - thanks to 105.9 theX for letting us use their photos.

 We're in - thanks for your votes!
- January 22, 2013 10:26 pm

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in The X's Winter Rock Showcase! Thanks to your support we made it into the next round!

Come see Klaymore rock the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh for the X Winter Rock Showcase 7 Semi-Finals on January 31st! The show is +21  but there are a limited number (40) All Age tickets. You have to call to get them, so it's first come first serve. Act now to support us and help us win!

To get your All Age tickets, call the Hard Rock Cafe at 412-481-7625. We are also selling +21 tickets at $5 each.

 The Keynote Cafe
- January 17, 2013 11:26 pm

Thanks to everyone who came to see Klaymore at the Keynote Cafe! We had a great time playing alongside bands like Chain the Scylla, Onward Progress, and many more. Also, a shout-out to Colin Stuart for filling in for this event on the bass guitar. All together it was a good show and a great audience. We hope to see all of you again at our upcoming shows.

We're looking forward to playing the Hard Rock Cafe and the Ironworks in Pittsburgh. For more details on these shows, check out our Shows page. For details about tickets, contact us here.

 See Klaymore Live on January 13th!
- January 7, 2013 11:16 pm

Klaymore has an upcoming show at the Keynote Cafe in Jeannette, PA on January 13th. Come out and support your favorite local metal band and see many other local acts! For this show, there will be a special appearance by Colin Stuart (bassist for Cabaret Runaway). Colin will be playing bass guitar with Klaymore at this event in place of Jesse while he is at school at Penn State. For more info about Cabaret Runaway, see their page at ReverbNation.

More details about the show can be found by clicking here. This is an all ages show, tickets are $10 at the door, or $8 presale, so make sure you contact us here to find out how you can get your tickets early.

The list of show times and the lineup of other bands playing along with Klaymore are both available on our Shows page, or click here to find out more.

 Klaymore in 2013
- January 3, 2013 11:11 pm

Happy New Year everyone! To kick off the new year, Klaymore is releasing a little bit of live footage from our most recent show at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh. Enjoy this live highlights reel as we head into 2013!

 Klaymore at the Dead Horse Cantina
- December 28, 2012 11:10 pm

Klaymore will no longer be playing at the Dead Horse Cantina on December 30th, 2012. The show has been postponed until June 9th, 2013, so save the date! Klaymore is honored to open the show for Paul Di'Anno ( ex - Iron Maiden) at The Dead Horse Cantina in McKees Rocks. Details will be posted when they become available to us, so expect the show times to be posted here in the future, as well as other information concerning the event.

 Klaymore at the Moose
- December 24, 2012 00:51 am

For all of you who came to see Klaymore play at the Smiling Moose on the 8th, thank you for coming! We had an awesome time playing there, and we are looking forward to playing more shows with Cabaret Runaway and Stationary Pebbles. The bands sounded amazing, and if you missed the show you should definitely check them out at:

Cabaret Runaway: ReverbNation/Cabaretrunaway
Stationary Pebbles: ReverbNation/stationarypebbles

As an added update; Klaymore is back in the studio over the holidays. We are working on recording a new EP and writing material for a new album. We will keep you posted about the status of the album, and release date. Until then... enjoy our current music and videos. Have a Metal Xmas everyone!

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