The Latest from Klaymore: JUSTIFIABLY PISSED

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Our new EP, JUSTIFIABLY PISSED, is available for purchase - Get your copy now!

The Klaymore BandCamp page is where you can find the band's full discography available for free download. When Klaymore puts out a new album or EP, this is the place to find it. The music can be streamed or shared easily, so tell a friend about one of Klaymore's free albums, or share it to Facebook or any other social media site.

Listening to our songs through ReverbNation helps us climb the local music charts. We are already rated as one of the top metal bands in the Pittsburgh area, so help us spread our influence even further by listening to some of our music. When Klaymore puts out a new single, this is the place to find it. All songs are also available for free download. Become a fan of us on ReverbNation!